Research Spotlights

The Research Computing Center exists to support research at FSU. We occasionally like to highlight some of the exciting projects that people are using our services for.

Greg Riccardi, iDigInfo

December, 2013

In the era of big data, the dissemination and management of scientific information is becoming an increasing challenge for researchers. The Institute for Digital Information and Scientific Communication (iDigInfo) at the College of Communication and Information is a new Research Institute at Florida State University aiming to make a dent in that challenge. To that end, iDigInfo and its director, Greg Riccardi, have been a major part of several national research grants.

Computers as Microscopes - Dr. Wei Yang, Biochemistry

October, 2013

Biochemists have long dreamed of using computer simulations to provide an atomic level view of complex biochemical systems. These simulations would act like a microscope to reveal complex biochemical interactions. Many well-known supercomputers, including IBM's "Blue Gene" and "Anton" at DE Shaw Research, were architected specifically to achieve that application.

Steve Morey, COAPS

September, 2013

Dr. Steve Morey is no stranger to conducting large-scale research. Very large-scale. A physical oceanographer at the Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Morey has been able to generate ocean topography models, study how currents affect fisheries and explore effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.