HPC Job Queue Policy

The goals of the job schedule are as follows:

  1. Provide predictable, responsive, and flexible means for an owner to access the computer processors that he or she purchased under the owner agreement.
  2. Provide fair access to the general access computer processors and the idle owner-based processors.
  3. Be easy to use

Usage and Queue Policy

  1. Owners may divide up their processor allocation among members of their group however they want. Owners may also run jobs in the Backfill and General Access queues with the same priorities and restrictions as general access users.
  2. General access users may run a maximum of eight (8) jobs at any one time. There is no processor limit per job. General access users may also run jobs in the Backfill queue with the same priorities and restrictions as owners (see Item #3 below).
  3. Backfill Queue: Any number of jobs can be submitted to the Backfill queue, but only 100 jobs will be run simultaneously and no more than 512 processors will be used by a single user at any given time. Backfill jobs may run for a maximum of four hours.
  4. Classroom Queue: General access users and members of an owner group may submit jobs to the classroom queue provided they are enrolled in a course that has been approved to use the HPC for educational purposes. Jobs submitted to this queue may run on any number of processors in the class allocation for a maximum of 30 minutes.