The Research Computing Center operates as an academic service unit of Information Technology Services (ITS), and is directed by an Executive Board and supported by an Advisory Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board conducts the following activities:

  1. Charter the activities of the Research Computing Center
  2. Provide administrative oversight for RCC activities


  1. Paul van der Mark, RCC Director
  2. Gary Ostrander, FSU Vice President of Research
  3. Michael Barrett, Associate Vice President, CIO
  4. Sam Huckaba, Dean of the FSU College of Arts and Sciences
  5. Scott Stagg, Profressor, FSU Department of Chemistry

Advisory Panel

The RCC Advisory Panel is made up of FSU Research Computing faculty from various departments on campus and conducts the following activities

  1. Provides guidance for RCC Strategic Goals
  2. Provides guidance for RCC Policies
  3. Resolves disputes


  1. Scott Stagg, Chair, Chemistry
  2. Eric Chassignet, COAPS
  3. Wei Yang, Chemistry
  4. Nico Wienders, EOAS
  5. Scott Steppan, Biology
  6. Sachin Shanbhag, Scientific Computing
  7. Robert Van Engelen, Computer Science
  8. Robert Hart, Meteorology
  9. Steve Morey, COAPS
  10. Michelle Arbeitman, College of Medicine
  11. Kyle Gallivan, Mathematics
  12. David Gilbert, Biology
  13. Paul Eugenio, Physics
  14. Eugene DePrince, Chemistry
  15. Steven Cocke, COAPS
  16. Peter Beerli, Scientific Computing
  17. Adrian Abarbu, Statistics